Dutch designer Merel Brouns truly redefines the concept of obsessive compulsive behaviour. In 2011 she created a timeline like no other. Hers is a heavy and meticulously handmade book that graphically documents every single activity she did for every single hour of the year.

Unfolding like an accordian, it expands over 300 feet and obsessively documents every shower taken, every sneeze, every film and television show watched, every meal eaten, how many hours she worked – and that’s only the beginning.

The people I meet, the hours I work, or sleep, and the moments I’m in transit are all portrayed by pieces of colored tape. The days are white and the nights are grey. Every centimetre is one hour, which gives the timeline a total length of almost 100 metres. The view from the frontside displays all the midnight moments before which I obviously never go to sleep. The view from the topside of this folded timeline shows the days getting shorter and longer with the seasons.

Now that 2011 is over and my timeline is finished I love the fact that I can look back on any moment of the year, but it’s kind of scary too; it makes it almost impossible to have secrets!


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