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I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life, and nor have I ever wanted to, so it’s curious that I am so drawn to these vintage smokes packets.

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Is it time to update my scummy old iPhone case? I have a fierce obsession for this selection.

Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat is based in Saigon and is the first single origin gourmet bean-to-bar chocolate to come out of Vietnam. I love what Rice Creative done with the packaging. The patterns are inspired by the lovely ceremonial papers produced by printers in Cho Lon, the old Chinese quarter of Saigon. A local printing shop was commissioned to use traditional silk-screen printing to hand-print the design in antique gold on each wrapper.

But my favourite part is how the colour of each chocolate variety was inspired by the cacao bean itself. The geographic location of the farm and its soil determines the characteristics of the cacao bean and the flavour of the chocolate itself.

Paige has embarked on a street art project in Los Angeles for the past few months. Although her installations look like sparkling little crystals, these geodes are actually 3D paper sculptures that are made to fit holes of buildings and pipes around the city. These treasures don’t last forever – several have already been trashed or removed, and one has been destroyed by rain –  but it is precisely how temporary they are that is part of their charm.


Would you ever wear an orange wedding dress? I had never really considered anything but the traditional white, but this beautiful bride may have made me change my mind. What about a tangerine gown, or a golden-yellow sheath?

Kirsty and Matt‘s wedding seems like such an intimate and wonderful celebration. Their eye for colour is so wonderful, and I really love the Australian natives they chose for the bouquets and corsages. Read a little more about the details here.

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