Monthly Archives: May 2012

I’m rather ashamed to say that I’m relatively new to Poolga, seeing as though they’ve been around since 2007. I first stumbled across the site when Eirian Chapman┬ádesigned a couple of wallpapers for iPhone and iPad. I clicked through, and I was hooked.

The site is a treasure trove of unique art, all ready for free download. The idea is a simple one: iPhones and iPads are the perfect devices to carry around, display and share art.


If you live in Australia, you might have come across the beautifully designed packets of seeds from The Little Veggie Patch around the place. Frank Aloi is the man behind the wonderfully old-fashioned designs, and clicking through his site I discovered he’s a very talented guy, especially when it comes to food packaging.

I used to be a sans serif kind of girl. But recently I’ve started flirting with serifs, beautiful solid typefaces. Maybe I like them because they seem to have style, a sense of fashion – each seems to have such different shoes on those little feet of theirs – some pointed, some flat, some curved and rounded!

This Bodoni poster is enough to start me drooling.Those letterpress blocks look like perfectly carved pieces of chocolate – definitely type good enough to eat.

Now these are business cards so good I want to eat them up. Those colours! That pattern! The letterpress! Kate Thomas is one talented lady, I’m a big fan of her beautiful patterns – but these are something else entirely. There are only 800 in existence, and so perfectly handcrafted – that beautiful edge painting right there? Done with Crayola markers. Amazing.