As a little kid, my mum and I used to make invitations for my birthday parties together. It wasn’t just the messing around with potato stamps that made me happy, there was something so thrilling about holding those cards in my hands and being able to give them out in the playground to my friends. Hopeful for how the event was going to turn out, excited for such a special occasion.

My love of beautiful invites is still going strong, although it’s been years since I touched a potato stamp. My latest book purchase was another to add to my design library, all about invitations that scorn the traditional expectations of just paper and envelope. Needless to say, when Wallpaper* recently showcased the invites they were sent for the autumn / winter fashion week shows, I couldn’t get enough. These are a few of my favourites, invitations that surprise and delight the receiver.

I love the bright colours of Kenzo’s invitation pack – complete with a yellow-tipped paint stirrer!

One of my favourites came from Maison Martin Margiela. It looks like any old keychain, but turned on that mini torch reveals the show’s details. Ingenious.

Chanel’s afterparty invitation.

A multi-layered invite from Roger Vivier. Each intricate diecut shows off a unique Parisian landmark.

Not content with a pretty piece of paper, Louis Vuitton splurged and gave out luggage tags with the show’s details. What a clever keepsake to remember the event by!

Beautiful calligraphy on Haider Ackermann’s card.

Hermès sent out beautiful cloth-lined floral invitations, complete with a stamped RSVP card.

Thick leather cards, stitched in gold, from Tommy Hilfiger.


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