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A cute series, called Lean WIth It, by Paul Octavious. It makes me think of those awful teen drama classes you see parodied in films, where the teacher is insisting that you make like a tree and grow from the roots up.

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I love bubbles – they remind me of being a kid, pretending to be Santa Claus with a beard full of bubbles in the bath. Up this close they remind me of tiny little planets, with their own little ravines and fluorescent rivers. Fabien Oefner captures these soapy little creatures as they explode, and the detail is just incredible.







It’s not often that you come across food packaging that makes you laugh out loud – but Yume Ume certainly did, with a cute joke about the edamame and her family.

160over90 was the mastermind behind the development of a new name and identity for this made-to-order Japanese kitchen. Bright, friendly and approachable, this is packaging you’d want to take home to keep. Check out Kelly Dorsey’s port­fo­lio for more.

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So many lovely buildings in Christchurch are destined for demolition as a result of the awful earthquake in February earlier this year. Mike Hewson has decided to pay homage to the former Christchurch Normal School with ten huge mixed media art pieces. I was so moved when I first saw these, imagining all the life contained within those brick walls that will soon be gone forever.

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Did anyone else watch the fifth season of Mad Men? I’m really missing my weekly fix of blokey banter between Don Draper and Roger Sterling. In case you are too, here are some pretty amusing images of modern technology on the Mad Men set.