Being in Australia during the Olympics means that unless you’re mad keen and prepared to stay up into the wee hours of the night, you miss out on all the highlight events everyone’s talking about. (What just happened with James Magnussen?) Suddenly you become an unexpected expert of weird and wonderful sports you never knew existed. I’ve been watching the hairy-and-proud-of-it Belarusian trampoline champ, the incredible Mexican synchronised diving duo who can somersault ever so gracefully in the air, and a sport that looks somewhere between white water rafting and torture – the name of which I’m still a bit hazy about, but seems to breed the most handsome Scandinavian athletes.

And so, in celebration of all that is wonderfully weird about the Olympics, I present this lovely design from the talented folk at These Are The Things. The colour palette and those textures are just delicious.

Via Breanna Rose.


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