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Seen this around? I’m sure you have. Kate Miss has created some beautiful things but this lookbook really takes the cake. And by golly gosh, I’ve been lusting after those brass drops for so many seasons – this time, they will be mine.


Anna Kovecses is an extremely talented designer from Cyprus, and she’s given me bundles of inspiration this week. I’m particularly in love with her rather nostalgic poster series, but it was this experimental identity for American Airlines that first caught my eye. How sexily simple is that colour palette and interface? If only it were that easy to book flights!

Via Nicework Ramble.

I’m still not very Pinterest-savvy (as you can see from my rather pathetically sized boards!) and my oh my how the time disappears as you browse! But nothing really beats it for that quick burst of inspiration – after just a few minutes of pinning my fingers are always itching to get creative, to start moving my furniture around, to go out and buy some more plants to kill with my black thumb! These are just a few images that have been inspiring me this week.

(You can find all the links to these images here.)

i just about died when I saw this wedding. The cacti. The greenhouse architecture. Her dress. Her hair! Those smiles. Hanni & Marcus were the photographers lucky enough to share in Romy and Raphael’s wedding day, and the shots they captured are just beautiful, and so unexpected.

Thanks Diana for sharing.

Oh, my toes are curling in obsessive compulsive pleasure! Is this not the loveliest Flickr set you’ve ever seen? Colour-coded beauty! And of book covers, no less, one of my favourite things in the world. Go forth and let the colours and shapes inspire your day.

(And for more book cover delights, check out Book Cover Lover.)