The other day I went out for Japanese with some friends, and watched in dismay as a lovely big soupy udon noodle escaped from my chopsticks, precariously fell onto my dress and then, slithering snake-like, found its way to the floor. Later on that night I was scooping out icecream with a little too much force and somehow it defied gravity to fly up and into my hair. I could’ve used my braid as a popsicle.

If only I’d seen these charming little illustrations then! They’re by the lovely Thoka Maer, aka Lisette Berndt, a Berlin-based illustrator behind the new Tumblr It’s No Biggie. I would’ve embraced the awkward, celebrated life’s little frustrations, and had a bit of a giggle.

Via It’s Nice That.

  1. I love illustrations, but I can’t draw them. I like what you have done with yours. I may have to go view tumblr. Thanks you for sharing! 😉

    • Thea said:

      I wish I could draw like that too – they’re not mine, but rather Lisette’s, the lovely German lady behind It’s No Biggie. Thanks for stopping by though!

      • You are welcome! 😉

  2. So freaking cool! Love these images!

    • Thea said:

      Glad you like them too! Thanks for stopping by x

  3. sosallydesign said:

    these are adorable, love them! nice find!

    • Thea said:

      They make me smile. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you come back to visit soon x

  4. Absolutely made my day. Can’t decide if the rainy day or the forever swimming is my favourite. I can relate to both though. Brilliant post.

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