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Happy Halloween folks! This awesome dude officially wins my best Halloween costume for 2012.

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I missed out on my usual mind-bending Monday post this week, so how about a totally trippy Tuesday tidbit for you to enjoy? These incredible pieces from Benjamin Shine are made from one single piece of tulle, ironed and creased into place to make perfectly detailed portraits. Incredible. Thanks to M for the tip!

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Have you heard of @Horse_ebooks, the spam Twitter account promoting (or shaming, depending on how you see it) low-quality e-books? I hadn’t, but then I stumbled across Tim Lampe‘s awesome side project, where he designs posters based on his favourite tweets from the clever spammer. Most of them are gloriously weird, and a lot of them don’t make a lick of sense, but I love how Lampe’s visualised these wacky little fragments.

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Remember this talented artist? (She was my first ever Mind Bending Monday post.) Her works play with light and shadow in a way that is truly mind boggling – the way she can bend paper ever so slightly to create perfect shadows of the human face just blows my mind. But the artwork of Tim Noble & Sue Webster is on a whole other level. This is the Usain Bolt of shadow play. The detail is just insane – the spiky hair, the wide loop of a hoop earring, the untied shoelace … Happy Monday, y’all.

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Oh gosh, I do love a clever campaign, and this one really takes the cake. Jody Xiong of DDB China (in conjunction with the China Environmental Protection Foundation) thought up this incredible outdoor installation to remind cityfolk of the environmental benefits of walking versus driving. Such a simple idea, and so effective – it was estimated that nearly four million people passed through one of the 132 installations.

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