I haven’t shared anything too personal about my day-to-day life here on the blog, but if you don’t mind too much, today I’d like to show you something that has been consuming my brain since early July – and just launched today.

A lovely girl called Alyce came to me, explaining the concept behind The Daily Edited. Part one is an online shop full of beautiful – and affordable – clothes for the working girl’s wardrobe. Part two is blog to visit when you’ve got a couple of spare moments at work, a space to showcase lifestyle, fashion, and food tips. And I was asked to come on as the designer.

(Quick sidenote – even though I’ve been working in this industry for a little over a year now, introducing myself to people as a graphic designer still thrills me no end. I am so lucky I get to do what I love every day, and call it work.)

It’s been the most incredible (and, to be honest, terrifying) experience. I got my hands dirty with the logo, the website, and lots of related collateral. It’s been such a fun ride, and I am so excited to be able to show it to you today. I hope you get the chance to visit soon.

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