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I can imagine that as a kid Florent Tanet would’ve been the one at the end of the table building forts with his peas. I’m glad that even as an adult he hasn’t stopped playing with his veggies, because his collection of images (entitled La Grande Epicerie de Paris, or The Great Grocery of Paris) are just lovely.

(Via wolfeyebrows.)

IMG_0117In 2012 I promised myself that I would do more things that scared me, and to take a trip overseas – even if I couldn’t find anyone who would go with me. In the end I managed to kill two birds with one stone. The thought of travelling alone overseas terrified me. But there was nothing to be afraid of. My month alone traversing five countries and three different languages was indescribably wonderful.

Last year’s resolution worked out so well for me, is it cheating to make the same promises for 2013?

(Photo taken by me at Christmastime in beautiful Vienna.)