005-700pxI have never felt this way about a table before. I am in complete lust! Head over heels, this is the coffee table of my dreams.

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iMalUaFcJ9cAEI didn’t think that Melbourne could get any cooler than it already is, but the release of AÃRK Collective this week has proven me wrong. Melbourne, you are just fit to burst with so many talented folk! I can’t keep up!

There are a couple of things I like about these watches. Number one is that they remind me of a beautiful classic watch my dad bought from Japan when he was my age. My sister wore that watch for months even after it was broken beyond repair. Secondly, they have rad names like “Yolk” and “White Peach”. Thirdly, that website – and all their design, in fact – is just one of those oh-man-I-wish-I’d-designed-that kind of moments.

Plus they do free shipping for us here in Australia. And it does not get any better than that.