Jens%20Hesse_sat30_the%20solution_2011_70x96German-born, Antwerp-based artist Jens Hesse is one of a kind. These beautiful images are not a result of poor satellite reception buggering up your telly screen, no sir. Replacing traditional canvas for corduroy, Hesse makes the most of those narrow vertical ridges within the fabric, distorting his portraits. To me they look like something you’d see out of a rain-smeared window; I want to wipe away the water to see clearly the story playing out before me.

Jens%20Hesse_sat01_tell%20me_2010_120x73 Jens%20Hesse_sat19_portrait%20on%20TV-screen_2010_130x75 Jens%20Hesse_sat33_tobacco%20girl%201_2011_140x93 Jens%20Hesse_sat15_grassland%20_2010_155x100

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